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Humane squirrel removal

If you have any squirrels in your home, then you will be aware of much of their habits, their jumping, eating the fruits, nuts, seeds, and feel scared of you. Anyhow, there are various humane ways that you can use to remove the squirrel from your home.

Let the squirrel find her way

If you find a squirrel into the room, it must be searching for a way to get out of the room. They do not have any intention to make a nest; just provide the space so they can find their way. Check out are any attractants in the room like pets, etc.? Just remove them. Close all the doors and windows that lead into the room, but do not forget to open one door or window; they can lead to them outside the room or house. Now leave the room and allow the squirrel to find the way itself. If the v is on the top of the room, then open the window that is connected to the tree or tree branches but does not open the window that is going down the stairs.

Use a humane bait trap

If you feel the squirrel is feeling scared and cannot find its own way, then you can use the bat trap. Use a large bait trap and leave it in the squirrel room for the next many hours.

Use of blanket

If the above techniques fail to work and you feel the squirrel is stuck in one place, you can use a blanket to catch her. Wear the plastic gloves, hold the blanket, and approach the squirrel slowly. Once you reach near the squirrel, put the blanket on the squirrel and shift her outside the house.

Use of squirrel trap in the chimney

You can use loud or scary noises like squirrel predators to make her scary and discourage her from leaving the roof. If you feel the squirrel is stuck on the top of the chimney, then provide her way by adding a long rope on the top of the chimney that provides a way for the squirrel to climb down.

How to remove the squirrel from the attic?

If you find a v on the attic, there are chances they must have a net on the attic. You can use noises or deterrents like odor that are disliked by the squirrel and help to repel them. Peppermint oil found as one of the effective deterrents to remove the squirrel. Just place it in an open bowl, or you can even dip the cotton balls in it and place near to the squirrel nest. They will not visit the place again. Once they leave the place, remove the nest and wash the area to remove the squirrel odor, dropping, and urine smell. Close all the entry points or seal gap if there is any. Do not feed the squirrel and remove food sources that can be a reason to attract the squirrel. Do not leave the pet food in an open area; once they eat the food; place the remaining food in closed containers. Above was a humane method to remove the squirrel; you can use anyone that you feel will work better.

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